Spring Clothing Clearing in Your Closet

Men's shirts

Have you been really conscientious about keeping your clothing neat, orderly and uncluttered in your closet?  Sometimes, we have good intentions but tend to ‘backslide’ (reverting to former clutter behaviors) by throwing our clothing and accessories on a chair or the floor instead of hanging them in the closet, or putting them in a dresser drawer like we meant to. (Every morning, I hang up the clothing that I put on the rocking chair in my bedroom, as I usually don’t hang things up at night when I go to bed.)

If you have tended to ‘backslide’ a bit, or haven’t even begun to purge, sort, and organize your clothes closet and drawers this spring, the following suggestions will help you keep your clothing organized:

• Hang just one outfit for the next day on the hook or knob outside your closet door.

• Keep a small bench or step stool near your closet for easy access to clothing on high shelves.

• Wishing you had a closet organizer? Stop wishing and buy one.

• Purchase the velvet type clothing hangers that are the same type and color for consistency in the closet.

• Hang your clothes in a color coded manner to make it easier to choose what color you want to wear each day. Kind of like a color wheel; hang blues, purples, reds, oranges, browns, black, grey tones, and whites in consecutive order on the closet rods.

• Keep only one season of clothing in your closet and store the other season’s clothing elsewhere. You could even store seasonal clothing in vacuum-sealed storage bags to free up space.

• Stack certain categories of clothing such as sweaters, gym sweats, or jeans on your closet shelves if there is room, instead of in the dresser. I do, and it works very well.

• Use plastic stacking bins with drawers in your closet to create more space in your dresser.

After following some or all of these suggestions, let me know how your your clothes closet fares. I look forward to hearing your results. I’d also love to hear any other tips you might have on Spring Clothing Closet Clearing!

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