To assess your unique situation, Judy will ask you:

• What’s working for you?
• What’s not working for you?
• What’s causing the problem?
• Why do you want to un-clutter and get organized?

If you can relate to any of the statements below,
Judy can help you clear the clutter and get organized:

• You are overwhelmed with too much clutter
• You can’t locate an important document in your files
• Your closets are filled to the brim and overflowing
• Stacks of newspapers and magazines are piled too high
• It’s difficult to part with items you don’t use or need
• You’d feel guilty giving away a gift received ten years ago
• Your clutter is hindering your ability to function
• You are embarrassed to invite people over

TESTIMONIAL: I have been trying for years to de-clutter my bedroom. The problem was, every time I decided that I was going to tackle the clutter I would take a moment to look around and assess what needed to be done – then I’d feel completely overwhelmed and put it off for another day. Judy gave me the push I needed to get motivated and get my bedroom cleaned and organized. She is a great motivatorkept me on task and focused, even when I started to feel anxious having items laying around everywhere while de-cluttering. – Tricia, Somerville, MA

Bedroom before


Bedroom after uncluttering


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