Personal Coaching is an ongoing process to creating personal change – like creating new habits or reaching one’s goals.

As an organizing coach, I will partner with you to design the life you want; whether your desire is to have an organized home or office, a structured schedule, or more time to discover and pursue the activities and goals you want.

Unlike organizing, the coach does not tell you what you need to do. In coaching, you, the client, have all the answers within. Coaching is a partnership where we co-create together so you can identify your priorities, strengths, challenges, and the actions you will take to create a life that fits. Coaching is an action/learning model.

What I like best about coaching is guiding people to that “aha moment” where previous barriers to getting organized and creating the life you really want, dissolve. When feelings of overwhelm and hopelessness are replaced by hopefulness and enthusiasm to take action.

Telephone Coaching testimonial:

Thanks to Judy’s coaching and gentle encouragement I have been able to get
a handle on my clutter issues. She gave me tips and resources for house cleaning,
donating books and other items, and helped me get beyond feeling overwhelmed and
procrastinating. I have struggled with these issues for years, but thanks to Judy,
I am well on my way to creating and maintaining a clean and uncluttered home (and life!)

Thank you Judy! George P, Somerville

ADHD Coaching

For those diagnosed with ADHD (or those who suspect they have ADHD), coaching can provide the client with the key that allows you to unlock your often hidden talents that help you attain your full potential. The coach helps you to develop systems and procedures, habits and processes that minimize your obstacles while maximizing your many strengths and talents.

How the Coaching Process Works:

Initial ConsultationOne Free 30-minute telephone consultation to discuss your organizing needs/goals or life goals and determine whether my coaching is the kind of support you are looking for.

To schedule this FREE telephone consultation, contact Judy at [email protected]

Remote Coaching Package – Six, 50-60 minute telephone sessions to support you to:

  • Create a clear vision of your organized life
  • Choose goals that are attainable and inspiring
  • Make a plan and always know the next step to achieve the plan
  • Develop new habits to maintain positive changes you’re making
  • Overcome barriers and problems to keep on track

As your Clutter Coach I provide:

  • A belief in your capability to make needed changes
  • Questions and observation to help you articulate what you want
  • Email correspondence between sessions
  • A compassionate, non-judgmental approach

Six sessions @ $450.00 

Three months (12 sessions) @ $825.00 (recommended)

Two thirds of payment deposit required before sessions begin.

A full payment option is also available with a $25.00 discount.

Checks, credit cards, and PayPal are accepted.

On-site Spot Coaching – A twenty to thirty minute coaching session during one or more three hour organizing sessions in your home or office.

Cost included in the 3 hour session payment.

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