National Clutter Awareness Week

National Clutter Awareness Week National Clutter Awareness Week

If you haven’t heard, the fourth week of March is ‘National Clutter Awareness Week’.

Look at all the stuff that’s cluttering up your home. What do you really need and what could you live without? For example; Those books on the shelf gathering dust, the CDs you never listen to, those outdated digital cables filling up drawers, jewelry, clothing?

Here are some tips for decluttering during ‘National Clutter Awareness Week’:

Firstly, Make an Action Plan – Schedule some blocks of time in your calendar; even if it’s just 15 minutes each day. Seven times fifteen comes to over just one hour of your time. Better yet, set aside at least several hours to tackle that clutter.

Secondly, Start Small – If you begin with a large room, you might get overwhelmed. Choose a small area in your home or office that you know you can handle. Perhaps it’s the surface of a table that’s crowded with papers, pens, mugs, and more. Be sure to complete this task before you move on to the next one.

Use a Timer – If you just want to unclutter for 15 minutes, set it for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, a timer will keep you on track.

Give Away Box – Items you no longer want can be put in this box. When the box is full you can bring it to your favorite charitable organization. If you’ve filled up more boxes or bags than you can handle, know that some organizations make pickups.

In addition make an Undecided Box –  If you can’t make up your mind about letting go of certain items, put them in a box and store it in a closet or basement temporarily. In a couple of months, revisit the box and see about letting the items go.

Be Honest with Yourself – Ask yourself those important questions such as; do I love this, do I need this, if I don’t love this and don’t need this, what can I do with this?  Let go of those duplicate things you bought because you’d misplaced their originals, of projects you’ll never finish, clothes you’ll never wear.

Above all – continue asking yourself why you hold on to things. Feeling emotions such as loss, fear, or sadness can help you make peace with giving away your belongings.

Ask a friend to help – During your decluttering, it’s easier and more enjoyable if you have someone help you . You can work together for a while, then take a break for tea, coffee and a snack.

While you clear your clutter during ‘National Clutter Awareness Week’, think about all the other people who are clearing out their homes that week, and how great you will all feel having done so!  

In conclusion, you’ll have more space, you’ll feel freer and more in control of your lives.  


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