What is ‘Virtual Organizing’? 

During this Covid 19 Pandemic, many organizers (including myself) are not conducting on-site organizing sessions with their clients. They are managing this process via virtual organizing. It’s a risky endeavor going into a person’s home, even when the organizer and client wear face masks, surgical gloves and remain 6 feet apart. 

‘Virtual Organizing’ is a collaborative process between a professional organizer and client via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype to help you let go of your clutter and get organized. You receive the same guidance and support you’d get if we were working side-by-side. 

As the client, you would focus your phone or computer screen on the area or items you’d like the organizer (me) to help you with. (always kept confidential)

The organizing session will be dealt with pretty much like an in person session. You’ll hold up an item, let me know if you love it, need it, or are ready to let it go. As you sort through your stuff;  junk mail, clothing, accessories, you will place them in bags or boxes to  keep, sell, or give away.

As in on-site organizing, it’s best to schedule more than one session.  Virtual organizing sessions vary from 60 to 120 minutes in length.

Virtual Organizing PERKS:

  • Confidential, no judgments, no one comes into your home
  • A plan of action at the beginning, and in addition, a maintenance plan will be provided
  • Cost savings: Fewer hours virtually than on-site help – 1 to 2 hour sessions
  • By doing the work yourself, you will cultivate new long-lasting habits
  • Guidance from me on decisions you need to make (you make final decisions)
  • Support and accountability from me during and between sessions so you reach your goals
  • In addition, resources will be recommended for recycling and donations

Are you a good candidate for Virtual Organizing?

1. You are self-motivated, can work well on your own, at your own pace, and can finish a task.

2. You can commit to making the time to work on your goals (homework!) in between virtual organizing sessions.

3. You feel confident with technology and have good internet/wi-fi connections that allow you to move from room to room while staying connected.

4. And, you can:

  • use Zoom, Skype, or Face time
  • use a smart phone or tablet with a camera to focus on various sections of your home
  • take photos of your space to email to organizer before  sessions

In conclusion, schedule a free ½ hour phone consult with me to see if this format could work for you.

Virtual organizing can be a new experience for you, and even fun!

contact me at:
[email protected]


Read more of my blog posts here. Learn more about the Coronavirus from the CDC website and the Mass.gov website.

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