I’m not exaggerating when I say that Judy helped me with clutter problems going back to childhood (yes, 70 years ago) with which I have dealt, variously, through seeking psychotherapy and writing poems (examples: “Baggage, “Clearing the Desk”). As we looked together at my study, I began to see miraculous spaces open up that had simply not been there before—like Platform 9¾, for catching the train to Hogwarts. I’m extremely grateful; my study is now usable; and I’ll recommend Judy’s services to anyone.

-Dick Lourie, Somerville, MA

(P.S. – Dick & I found Platform  9¾ behind the old blue file cabinet. He replaced the old cabinet with two new smaller file cabinets, leaving access to the Platform)


Thanks to Judy’s coaching and gentle encouragement I have been able to get
a handle on my clutter issues. She gave me tips and resources for house cleaning,
donating books and other items, and helped me get beyond feeling overwhelmed and procrastinating. I have struggled with these issues for years, but thanks to Judy,
I am well on my way to creating and maintaining a clean and uncluttered home (and life!)

Thank you Judy!           – George P, Somerville

Messy dresserBEFORE

Neat bureau







“Judy helped my 7 year old daughter Suzie, tackle her very messy and disorganized bedroom. First she showed Suzie an anonymous ‘before and after’ photo of another client’s daughter’s bedroom, and told her that she would help her to make this change in her own room. Judy had Suzie make the decisions as to what to keep, throw out, give away, and donate. They really had a good time doing this, and Suzie was really happy to see her room looking so un-cluttered and tidy. Judy taught Suzie some very easy organizational systems to use. She was patient, friendly, and had great rapport with my daughter.”

– Sarah, Burlington, MA

“Hi Judy,
Happy New Year to you too! You know I am doing pretty well and as I’m clearing files for the New Year I’ve been thinking of you with appreciation for the systems you set up for me. You might be a victim of your own success. Also I can’t imagine my moving without your help. I definitely will call you if things get chaotic though. Many thanks and all the best. (January 2014)”

– Amy, Lexington, MA

“I got benefits from Judy’s clutter clearing that continue to this day. I had never had people over to a holiday meal (as the dining table had papers on it, including a stray small check, going back 4 and more years), and had my first, ever, Passover Seder. I also had wanted to get things in (enough) order that I could have a potential boyfriend over to watch a dvd video together with, and now, I have a wonderful man in my life. I felt so strongly about the value of her service, that I bought gift certificates for three very good friends. I have seen the lightening of their soul’s burden since they used it as well. I feel so fortunate that I was ready for the benefits that Judy so ably, wonderfully offered, and would gladly offer my thoughts and experiences to anyone that asks.This is no less than soul work Judy gives. She is positive, undaunted, and versatile in her service, and I feel grateful Judy is offering her real abilities to help people.”

– Heidi M, Somerville MA

“Maybe I can reduce the clutter by 20%. That’s what I hoped when I engaged Judy to help me with 30+ years of stuff. Lo and behold the end result was a reduction of 85%!!! And a whole lot of learning about how to know when to hold em (and where) and know when to fold em (to donation or trash). Judy is a warm and insightful professional. I recommend her to anybody with too much stuff and a need to know what to do with it all!”

– Bob, Cambridge, MA

“Judy’s patient, friendly presence makes a stressful and almost impossible task much easier. I always feel much lighter after a session with her. I first hired her to help a family member with a much worse clutter problem than my own. Judy helped her transform her living room into an organized and clutter free space. Perhaps, even more important, her gentle guidance has had a longer lasting impact on both our homes.”

– Frances D, Chestnut Hill, MA

What other clients have to say:

Judy saved my sanity. I’ve been living In the same place for almost eight years with my partner. He is a pack rat and I just allowed things to collect and I would add to the clutter with things in rooms that did not really belong in the rooms.  What was a three bedroom morphed into a place to dump our things (old things, new things, things we didn’t want or need, things that we outgrew. Clothes that NO LONGER FIT, clothes that I never wore, etc. I hated what happened to our home. I never would invite people over. I was embarrassed with how in almost 8 years I made my home turn into a place I didn’t even want people to see.  Every time I opened the door to these two rooms I had a feeling of sadness. I let myself down.  I was happy to learn of Judy’s services and made an appointment with her and she came over and for three hours helped me declutter.  She went through closets, drawers, all the stuff on the floors! She ended up making my home a real home. I am enjoying my two new rooms.  One is slowly becoming a room for me to do my home yoga and meditation and the other room is my partner’s man cave. Only it’s not a cave, it’s clean and happy and useful.  Judy was really helpful and very nice and I didn’t feel judged or embarrassed at all.  I have kept these rooms clear and I know they’ll continue to be clean and happy rooms! She made me actually enjoy cleaning up and decluttering. I donated bags of clothes, housewares, and the things I kept all have a place to belong in my home.  I can’t recommend Judy enough.  Give her three hours and I promise you’ll have a newfound happiness in your home!

                                                                                                                 – Melissa, M. Medford, MA

I am approaching retirement and want to reduce the amount of stuff I have to deal with. Having regularly scheduled ongoing appointments with Judy keeps me on task, and continually lightening my load. She is very flexible and willing to take on any task from clothes closet to basement.I have a very hard time getting rid of things and she has the right combination of gentleness while reminding me firmly of my wishes for my home. She’s helped with my business and personal clutter and has great resources for where to give things away. Doing this is hard, but she makes it almost enjoyable with her upbeat attitude.

– Chris, Cambridge, MA

“I had tried many times to make progress clearing clutter from my study.  It is a wonderful room for my home office but was close to unusable because of accumulated and disorganized stuff.  Deciding to hire a professional organizer was a really good step.  In anticipation of the first appointment, I felt more hope and was able to move out some things that blocked the center of the room before Judy even arrived.  During our three appointments, we made very significant progress.  Because I had committed to the time slots and because Judy is undaunted by clutter, we were able to go surprisingly far in eliminating messes.  Her simple, reliable systems have stayed with me as I continue to make progress on my own.  This progress has inspired other family members to clear stuff out.

– Gladys Maged, Somerville, MA

“I have lived in the same one-and-a-half-room apartment for at least 30 years. Judy helped me remove an enormous amount of newspapers, magazines, videos, old clothes, junk papers and other stuff. She dropped things off at the Goodwill which made me feel good. She helped me with focus, friendliness and humor. I will be able to more freely at this moment de-clutter alone, but I may need Judy again and I am very glad she is available.”

— D.L., Cambridge MA

“I called Judy to help me face a basement room that had been a guest/work space, but had become a dumping ground over the years. I didn’t know how to begin, or that there was someone out there who could help me. Judy systematically worked with me to sort through everything and organize the give away piles, as well as tell me who might take each category. When she was done, I had some manageable filing, as well as a list of where to donate goods. She also took a car load to Goodwill! I most appreciated her patient direction. All decisions were left to me, and she offered suggestions as to how to proceed with emotional ties to family items. I will certainly hire her again when it is warm enough to take on the garage!”

– Whitney, Somerville, MA

“Judy spent two hours helping me clean up my pantry. She was very focused and did not allow me to get distracted. I appreciated that she was not judgmental at all, even as she was asking me to carefully consider how much I need stuff or whether I would actually use stuff. And actually, she really took her lead from me, asking me for ideas about things might be better organized and ensuring that we would come up with a solution that would work for me. After two hours, I have a lot more space in the pantry and I have a much better idea of what is in there and where. I’m sure I could have done the job on my own, but it certainly would have taken longer, and who knows if I ever would have started, let alone finished.”

                                            — Mara V,  Somerville, MA

“Judy got me to rethink my relationship to the things hiding in my basement and helped me to get rid of them.”

— Susann, Somerville, MA

“Judy came and helped me de-clutter my house this past August. I’d gone several years not doing the necessary winnowing out of excess or unwanted items, and at that point I just couldn’t face the job. I felt paralyzed. I had tried many times alone, but could never follow through. Well, Judy helped me winnow – she helped me decide which to save and which to part with, and she actually carted off all the giveaways to charity. It was great working with Judy. She kept me focused, encouraging me to attack yet another box of papers, or bag of clothes, just when I thought we couldn’t do any more. And Judy made it fun and rewarding with the great end result – an uncluttered house!”

— Kate, Somerville, MA

“I was tired of living in a cluttered, crowded apartment. For years I tried hard to get rid of the excess and I even took a Get Organized workshop, but I realized I needed help. So, I hired Judy and she really helped me make a big dent in my clutter. I feel so much happier now.”

— Sarah B, Watertown MA

“Judy is great! I’ve had boxes and piles of clutter that I’ve been wanting to organize and clear out for years now, but I just couldn’t get up the motivation to do it. Judy was just what I needed. Part coach, part cheerleader, Judy’s calming, motivational, non-judgmental presence kept me going. I got rid of things I didn’t need, and organized the rest so I can actually find them when I do need them. She understands that sorting through and getting rid of things can be emotionally and physically draining, and balances practical advice with compassion. I also appreciated that Judy helped me find creative ways to use things I already had (boxes, cabinets, drawers, folders, etc), rather than pressuring me to spend money on fancy organizing tools I didn’t want. Whether you have been seriously hoarding for years, have a bit too much clutter and want to streamline a bit, or just want to rediscover what the top of your desk looks like when it isn’t covered in stuff, I would definitely recommend getting some help from Judy!”

— EJ, Somerville, MA

(TESTIMONIAL regarding my E-Newsletters from a student who took one of my classes:)

Hi Judy,

This is your friend from a Brookline Community Adult Education class.  Thank you SO MUCH for your email!  It arrived at exactly the right time as I have been pondering my mindset and my clutter for the past several weeks.  You’re right, committing is the key.  And not being embarrassed to have reminders and calendar notations!  Some people can totally rely on their memory, but I cannot.  Your emails always make me feel better knowing that I am not alone in this endeavor

I hope you are well and safe and remain that way. Have a wonderful summer!

Thanks,  Janice

To learn more about how Judy can help you de-clutter your home,
email her at [email protected]



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  1. Tricia

    I have been trying for years to declutter my bedroom. The problem was, everytime I decided that I was going to tackle the clutter I would take a moment to look around and assess what needed to be done-then I’d feel completely overwhelemed and put it off for another day. I discovered Judy’s website through a friend’s posting on Facebook; when I saw that she was located right here in Somerville, I decided to contact her and ask for her help… so glad that I did! Judy gave me the push I needed to get motivated and get my bedroom cleaned and organized. She is a great motivater… kept me on task and focused, even when I started to feel anxious having items laying around everywhere while decluttering. When Judy came for the first meeting, I had a big recycling bag full of mail that needed to be shredded which had been sitting there by my desk for months; we spent our time together sorting and shredding all that mail. After our first session, that bag was gone off of my bedroom floor… I felt as if I had a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. I now have an (almost) clutter free bedroom. I can now feel relaxed, rather than stressed, when in my room. I would recommend Judy to anyone who wants some help getting rid of clutter and getting organized at home or at work.”
    Tricia, Somerville, MA

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