With Respect, Empathy, and Understanding

Judy will help you let go of the clutter that weighs you down, and keeps you feeling discouraged and stuck. Judy will inspire and motivate you to face your emotional barriers and stay focused while working with you to conquer your stuff/clutter and get organized.

By making an investment in yourself to be clutter free and organized, your whole being will feel freer and more in control. Having more space and access to the things you need, at home or the office, leads to a better and healthier quality of life.

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Testimonials From My Clients

  • Judy’s patient, friendly presence makes a stressful and almost impossible task much easier. I always feel much lighter after a session with her. I first hired her to help a family member with a much worse clutter problem than my own. Judy helped her transform her living room into an organized and clutter free space. Perhaps, even more important,her gentle guidance has had a longer lasting impact on both our homes.

    Frances D Chestnut Hill, MA
  • I’m not exaggerating when I say that Judy helped me with clutter problems going back to childhood(yes, 70 years ago) with which I have dealt, variously, through seeking psychotherapy and writing poems (examples: “Baggage, “Clearing the Desk”). As we looked together at my study, I began to see miraculous spaces open up that had simply not been there before—like Platform 9¾, for catching the train to Hogwarts. I’m extremely grateful; my study is now usable; and I’ll recommend Judy’s services to anyone.

    Dick Lourie Somerville, MA

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