Holiday Stress Free Organizing

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Holiday Stress Free Organizing

Even though the Covid 19 Pandemic is still upon us, many folks will be traveling rather than staying home like last year. Whether you travel or stay at home you may still have a lot of preparation to do. Which usually results in feeling stressed. So, Begin your ‘to-do’s’ well ahead of time.

Follow these Holiday Stress Free Organizing TIPS to make life simpler and more enjoyable while you prepare.

Firstly, it’s OK to say no during this pandemic:  Local friends or family may invite you to their home to celebrate. If you are concerned that being in close proximity indoors doesn’t feel safe, let them know. They should understand.

Stay connected: If you are not joining in with others, find a way to connect via phone or virtually to friends and family. Use Zoom while at the table by sharing what you are thankful for. Or, by eating courses of your meals together, or watching one another open gifts.

Make a list: To simplify, write a list of all the pre-holiday ‘to-do’s’ to help you remember them. Make a separate list of your gift recipients and the gifts you’ll buy. Also, review and update the list of people you’ll be sending holiday cards to.

Use a calendar: Schedule when you’d like to accomplish the things on your list, including your holiday activities, and personal time.

Plan your budget: Do this realistically and stick to it.  Include the cost of gifts, new holiday clothing, decorations, meals, and traveling (if you do, please be safe). Certainly, include anything else that’s important to your own personal holiday purchasing needs.

Shop early: Many people will do shopping on-line and scheduling curb pick-ups. As a result of the circumstances (including shipping containers stuck at ports), some products will not be available for sale, and mail and packages may be even more delayed than usual this year. So, begin gift shopping on-line early. When doing on-site shopping, shop at off-peak times. If you are a senior, shop during specific times designated for seniors.

Divide large projects into smaller tasks: Some of your ‘to-do’s’ may be quite complicated and detailed. Breaking them down into tasks will make them more manageable for Holiday Stress Free Organizing.

Clear the clutter: If you know you are having company or for your own peace of mind, identify clutter in your home. Break large decluttering projects into smaller tasks. Set aside specific times to sort your things. Let unnecessary items go, and put misplaced things where they belong.

Ask for help: Don’t do everything yourself. Choose tasks that bring you joy, and that you prefer doing. Perhaps it’s buying gifts and holiday cards, or decorating the house and table. Delegate the other things to housemates or family for Holiday Stress Free Organizing. For example;  food shopping, cooking, decluttering and cleaning.

Gift wrapping: If you have saved scraps of wrapping paper and tangled ribbons from last year, toss them. Set aside some gift wrapping times on your calendar well before the holidays. Save money, and purchase lower priced wrapping materials after the holidays have ended.

Holiday Decorations: Check to see if any of your existing decorations need to be repaired or thrown out. Do this before, and after use so you know if  you need to replace them. These items also go on sale after the holidays. Store your decorations in plastic containers with tight lids in a cool dry place designated just for holiday storage.

In conclusion, following these tips for Holiday Stress Free Organizing should help relieve your stress so holidays will be more enjoyable.    

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