Keeping your Clothes and Accessories Organized

Do you throw your clothing and accessories on a chair or the floor instead of hanging them in the closet or putting them in a dresser drawer?

If so, try the following suggestions that will help keep your clothing organized:

• Hang just one outfit for the next day on the hook or knob outside your closet door.

• Keep a small bench or step stool near your closet for easy access to clothing on high shelves.

• Wishing you had a closet organizer? Stop wishing and buy one.

• Keep only one season of clothing in your closet and store the other season’s clothing elsewhere. You could even store seasonal clothing in vacuum-sealed storage bags to free up space.

• Stack certain categories of clothing such as sweaters, gym sweats, or jeans on your closet shelves instead of in the dresser. I do, and it works very well.

• Use plastic stacking bins with drawers in your closet to create more space in your dresser.

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