Get Organized for the Winter Holidays (another reminder)

Get organized Christmas treeDo you wait until the very last minute before the winter holidays to go shopping for gifts, wrapping paper, ornaments, and other items? If that’s how you shop, consider starting earlier in the season to take care of all of your holiday needs.

Here are some tips for simplifying and getting organized for the holidays:

1. First thing, take some time and un-clutter your home. While doing so, any items that you do not need can be sold on eBay, made into handmade gifts, or be re-gifted.

2. Plan your budget realistically and be sure to stick to it. In the budget, include the cost of gifts, new holiday clothing, decorations, meals, special events and traveling. Plus anything else that’s relevant to your own personal holiday needs.

3. Use a calendar to keep track of your holiday activities, and manage your schedule so you don’t get stressed out.

4. Make a list of who you will be giving presents to and what the items are. Cross off each name and gift as you buy it.

5. Review and update your holiday card list. Decide whether you will be sending cards via snail mail, or on-line. Create a spreadsheet to keep track of who you’ve sent cards to. If mailing cards, buy extras to send to anyone you’ve gotten a card from that you hadn’t included on your list.

6. Start gift shopping early to avoid crowds and last minute stress. Wear comfortable clothing while shopping, shop at off-peak times, or shop on-line. Look for coupons, good deals and sales.

7. Wrap gifts and label them as you buy them, so you’re not left with a closet full of gifts to wrap at the last minute. Or, set aside a time on your calendar well before gift giving day, and wrap all gifts at once.

8. Take your holiday decorations from where you’ve stored them, and check to see if any of the items should be repaired or thrown out. Then you can determine if you need to buy new or additional decorations.

By following these eight tips, you will be less stressed and anxious, and can enjoy your holidays in a relaxed and peaceful manner.

Let me know how you’ve done!

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