Make Time for What Really Matters by Simplifying

facebook_logoWith all the fast paced activity in your life, do you ever forget to make time for what really matters to you? Below are some ideas on how to simplify and reclaim some time for yourself, friends and family.

Limit the time you waste on activities such as checking emails on your computer, looking at Facebook, and watching TV. Sometimes I do a quick check of my email and end up spending a half hour on the computer. And, I might put a blog post on Facebook and then scroll down the timeline for 20 minutes checking out new entries. Setting time limits helps me. What works best for you? You could check email just twice each day, and go on Facebook once a day. When watching television try multi-tasking. Fold the laundry, exercise, or sort desk papers.

As soon as mail arrives, sort, file or recycle it. The best place to do this is right next to the recycle bin. If you have children, sign any permission slips for school trips right away and slip them back into their backpacks. Make a note of catalogs you no longer want to receive, and when convenient go to to unsubscribe.

Have your spouse, partner or family members help you with the household chores. For example; after a meal have someone clear the table, someone else wash dishes or put them into the dishwasher. The tasks will get done faster, and you’ll have more time to spend with one another, or with yourself.

Just say NO! It’s good to volunteer for a non-profit, community event, or help friends and neighbors, but don’t take on too much at once. Helping others is admirable, but for your own health and peace of mind don’t lose sight of your priorities.

What sorts of things are robbing your time?
Can you eliminate or simplify anything?

Let me know what you’ve done to simplify your agenda.

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