Categorizing and Filing Documents

ACTIVE file folders

Are your papers and document files categorized, or are they stored or piled kind of haphazardly in your home office, office or wherever in your home you keep them?

If so, take some time to divide the files into two categories; ACTIVE & INACTIVE.

ACTIVE files are for papers you want to access during the upcoming week or even month. Keep these folders on your desk in a file holder or in an open file cart on wheels. If stacking papers in an in-box works for you, that’s fine. But, if OUT of SIGHT, OUT of MIND does not work, store documents upright in labeled folders that can be easily accessed.

INACTIVE files such as old tax returns or bank statements, can be stored in plastic or sturdy cardboard storage boxes that are covered and labeled.

Try this method and let me know how this system of dividing your files into two categories is working for you.

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