DAY # 6 – TIP # 6 (one day late) – Create an Errand Box

Create an errand box

You, like me, may make a list of errands you need to do, but get busy with other things and don’t get those errands done in a timely manner. (Like me not posting Day # 6 – Tip # 6 yesterday!)

So, here’s the tip:

Place a container or basket by the front or back door (whichever one you enter and exit from most frequently). Toss in items that you’ve purchased or borrowed that need to be returned, plus library books and movies due back. Take the box with you each morning and see what you can get rid of that day.

Just remember to bring the box back inside when you return home to remind yourself to complete distributing those things that still need doing, and/or to add more things to the box.

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