Switching from Summer to Winter Clothing

Overhaul your wardrobe

Mid-fall is the time of year that I go through my closet and separate my winter
clothing from my summer clothing. For me, and I’m sure for some of you, knowing when to do this can be a frustrating time because the temperature fluctuates so much. This is referred to as ‘Indian Summer’ here in New England. It may be 50 degrees in the morning, and by noon time the temperature has reached 70 degrees.

What is a person to do? Do I wait until it’s really cold both night and day to switch from my summer to winter wardrobe? Today, it’s 70 degrees outside, and if I’d already boxed up all of my summer clothing and put it in the attic, I’d have to take the time to go through those boxes for something appropriate to wear.

So, I put most of my sleeveless shirts, polo shirts and dresses, plus shorts, bathing suits and summer shoes (which I won’t really need to wear until next year) into a covered plastic storage container for attic storage. I only keep a few warm weather clothing articles in my closet for use on a day like today.

Then, I pull out all of my winter clothing; long sleeved shirts & sweatshirts, sweaters, heavier pants, etc. These will be available to wear in the cool evening and mornings. Coats go in the hall coat closet. Once the real cold sets in, those few pieces of summer clothing I’d held out, get put into the attic containers.

I recommend that you try this method of ‘seasonal clothing swap’ if your own method is not working well.

NOTE: If you don’t have a dry attic or separate closet to keep the change of season clothing containers, and only have a damp basement space, be sure to store the items in waterproof containers with air tight lids to keep clothing dry.

When and How do you take care of your seasonal wardrobe change?

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