Tips for Getting ORGANIZED for the Holidays

The winter holidays are sneaking up on you, and I bet you’re getting frantic because of all the tasks, cleaning, shopping and cooking you’ll have to do, along with entertaining.

Buddy under xmas tree 2011..

Here are some tips to help get you organized for the holiday season:


  • Make a list of recipients’ names, gifts to buy them, and what you’ll spend for each person
  • If someone needs help getting organized, purchase a gift certificate from a professional organizer
  • Schedule some convenient times (perhaps on a weekday instead of the weekend) to go gift shopping and/or to look on-line for gift items to order
  • Choose an area (large clear surface) in your home to wrap the gifts
  • Schedule a time, or several times to wrap the gifts
  • If mailing gifts, plan a time to go to the post office or the UPS store when it’s not crowded


  • Compose an updated list of the names and addresses of the card recipients (use excel to speed things up)
  • Purchase the cards (During January 2015, you can buy left over holiday cards about 1/2 price for next year)
  • Sign the cards, and address the envelopes
  • To save time, mail the cards the same date you mail the gifts


  • Room by room, clear the clutter and get organized
  • Prep the kitchen for cooking and baking
  • Stock up on needed recipe items
  • Put up holiday decorations and lights
  • Add extra chairs and small tables for socializing if needed
  • Get bedrooms ready for overnight company
  • Make space in the coat closet or mudroom for guests’ coats


  • Take down holiday decorations and lights
  • Sort through gift wrapping stuff and recycle/throw away unnecessary items
  • Pack all re-usable items in clear (labeled) plastic covered containers
  • Choose an area in a dry location to store the containers until next year

I know, there are a lot of things to do to get ready for the holidays. I hope these tips on getting organized help save you time and energy. And that you’ll feel relaxed and ready to greet, feed and gift your friends and family!

Do you have additional tips to share? Let me know if you do!


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