Crummy weather? Attack Magazine Clutter!

Too many magazines!
Too many magazines!

Ugh! It’s been raining for several days straight now. I can’t go outside to garden, or take a walk in the woods. But, I can do something useful. Like, attack all of my magazine clutter!

So, on this yucky, rainy, cold day, I plan to sort through the many gardening magazines and catalogs I’ve been holding on to. (YES, I have some clutter) In fact, I just looked under the table next to my couch, and in addition to the magazine rack in my living room that’s in plain site, I saw a magazine rack I’d forgotten was there! My goal for today is to recycle some, and give some away. And, to only keep a few of the most relevant magazines and up-to-date catalogs.

You can do the same on any bad weather day. Gather up all the magazine subscriptions you currently receive. Pull together all of those catalogs that have been laying around taking up space. Do you truly enjoy all of them? Are they a good use of your time? Or, do you let them pile up thinking you’ll read them when you have the time, but never do.

If not, call the magazine’s subscription office today to cancel any magazines you no longer want.

To cancel your catalogs:

For each current issue you receive in the mail, toss old issues.

I think you’ll feel a bit lighter when you do this. Let me know the progress you’ve made on letting go.

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