Small Tasks – Small Projects – Get Them Done!

Clear sink
Our clean, empty sink!

Like myself, I bet you have some tasks or projects that you’d like to complete, but you tend to get busy or procrastinate so they don’t get done. For instance; I tend to get so busy with both of my businesses – gardening & organizing – that I let the dishes pile up in the sink. It’s summer, and without central air, the kitchen can get hot even with a room fan running. Not a good idea to let the dishes pile up.

Last week, I made a decision (commitment) to wash the dishes as soon as I am done either preparing the meal and/or eating the meal. I’ve been doing this for over a week now, and I am so pleased with myself that I have stuck to this commitment. Several days ago, I mentioned my commitment to my housemate, (who also manages two businesses’ and also tends to leave her dishes) and told her that I was trying it as an experiment. She decided to make the commitment too. We’ve both been washing the dishes regularly now and the sink remains clean and empty!

What little tasks or projects do you have to do that have started to add up?

Such as Clearing your:
– desktop surface
– shredding papers
– putting away your clothes
– changing a lightbulb
– doing laundry
– filling the ice tray
– taking out the trash & recycling
– taking the giveaway bag to Goodwill
– etc…….

These chores begin to weigh on us and pile up in our minds as well as in our homes, offices and even our cars. There’s always something to be replaced, fixed, changed, thrown away or given away.

Many of these projects can be completed in a short amount of time.

Make that commitment to yourself that you will tackle one small task per day for a month. Upon completing each task, you will free up a lot of that mental energy that comes with thinking (obsessing) about doing it but not doing it. Like my roommate and myself, I bet you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment!

What’s on your “have to do” list?  What will you take care of each day for the next month?

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