Moving Trip-Kit Boxes


Planning is the key to any successful move. I’ve made a number of moves before I moved to the place I’ve been living for many years. For all but one of those journeys, I rented a truck and had friends and family help me pack, load, unload, and unpack.

There is quite a bit of before-move planning, prepping and organizing to do. If you’ve been following my blog posts, my post ‘Tips on Un-cluttering Before a Move’ should have gotten you started.

So you don’t arrive in your new home without the necessary staples needed before you have time to unpack, you will want to have a couple of Trip-Kit boxes available They can be large cardboard, or plastic boxes; but make sure they have lids. Keep these boxes separate from your already labeled and ready-to-move boxes. Label them ‘Do Not Move.’ These will be life saver boxes with all the essentials needed when you actually arrive at your new home/apartment.

Some of the items to put in these boxes are: a change of clothes, bed linens, keys to your new house/apartment, car, and safe, prescriptions, first aid kit, light bulbs, flashlight, batteries and light bulbs, cleaning supplies, paper towels, trash bags, toiletries, towels, radio/alarm clock, tool box , scissors, cell phone charger, credit cards, and check book. If you are a coffee drinker, don’t forget to add the coffee maker and mugs. Put bottled water and non-perishable snacks in the box as well. If you are a pet owner, pack pet supplies too.

Pack personal items of importance and valuables separately from the ready-to-move boxes. Items that may be hard or impossible to replace would include: medical and financial records, insurance policies, tax information, auto titles, house deeds, birth certificates, passports, new home documents, laptops, computer back ups, valuable jewelry and sentimental items, wedding albums, and photos. Don’t have the moving company transport these items. Do it yourself.

Have I left anything off the Trip-Kit Box list, or the Items of Importance check-list?  Please let my blog followers know, so they arrive at their new homes complete with all essentials.  Thank you.

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