Clearing Bookcase Clutter

Like many avid readers, you may have too many books for your bookshelves. Perhaps the books are piled up on the floor, table, or in a closet as well as on the bookshelf. But, books mean a lot to you and you couldn’t possibly get rid of any, right?.

One viewpoint you can follow is to only keep as many books as there is space on your bookshelf. How would you do this? IMG_0408

Here are some suggestions to holding on to relevant information, while creating more space:

– Give away or recycle old reference books that contain outdated information.
– Give away books that you know you will never read or reference again. You can always find the information on-line, via audio-books, as e-books, or at a library.
– If you’ve any books that are on digital format and paper, recycle the paper version.
– If there are recipes, photos, or any crucial information you’d like to hold on to, then scan these pages and store as digital files on your computer.
– Only keep books that you love and that are useful to you.

Once you have gone through this process, you can organize your books into categories by subject; like fiction, non-fiction, history, poetry, cooking, art, gardening etc…

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