Spring Clothing Clearing in Your Closet

Men's shirts

Have you been really conscientious about keeping your clothing neat, orderly and uncluttered in your closet?  Sometimes, we have good intentions but tend to ‘backslide’ (reverting to former clutter behaviors) by throwing our clothing and accessories on a chair or the floor instead of hanging them in the closet, or putting them in a dresser drawer like we meant to. (Every morning, I hang up the clothing that I put on the rocking chair in my bedroom, as I usually don’t hang things up at night when I go to bed.)

If you have tended to ‘backslide’ a bit, or haven’t even begun to purge, sort, and organize your clothes closet and drawers this spring, the following suggestions will help you keep your clothing organized:

• Hang just one outfit for the next day on the hook or knob outside your closet door.

• Keep a small bench or step stool near your closet for easy access to clothing on high shelves.

• Wishing you had a closet organizer? Stop wishing and buy one.

• Purchase the velvet type clothing hangers that are the same type and color for consistency in the closet.

• Hang your clothes in a color coded manner to make it easier to choose what color you want to wear each day. Kind of like a color wheel; hang blues, purples, reds, oranges, browns, black, grey tones, and whites in consecutive order on the closet rods.

• Keep only one season of clothing in your closet and store the other season’s clothing elsewhere. You could even store seasonal clothing in vacuum-sealed storage bags to free up space.

• Stack certain categories of clothing such as sweaters, gym sweats, or jeans on your closet shelves if there is room, instead of in the dresser. I do, and it works very well.

• Use plastic stacking bins with drawers in your closet to create more space in your dresser.

After following some or all of these suggestions, let me know how your your clothes closet fares. I look forward to hearing your results. I’d also love to hear any other tips you might have on Spring Clothing Closet Clearing!

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Getting Rid of Basement Clutter

Do you store lots of stuff in your basement? A basement can easily become a convenient place to deposit items you don’t have room for in the rooms in your house or apartment.

Here are some steps to take if you are ready to remove some of the clutter and junk.

1. Take your time uncluttering the basement – Busy lifestyles call for not rushing the clean up. If you have a full schedule, give yourself a goal of a few of months to accomplish this task. Like any big organizing project, break it up into time segments; anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. If you have a good amount of free time, you may be able to accomplish this task in several weekends.

2. Group the storage items ‘like with like’. – Assign specific storage areas to keep things like cleaning supplies, craft supplies, construction tools, interior/exterior painting items, car supplies, and garden and yard tools. You may want to use shelving and/or hard clear plastic storage bins with tight lids to keep these items dry and off of the floor. Be sure to leave enough clear area around your furnace, hot water heater, washer & dryer, circuit breaker box and water valves.

3. Finished basement area – If you have a section of the basement that is refurbished and used for craft projects, kids play time, or recreation, keep this area clutter free of any unrelated items.

4. The basement uncluttering process – Sort everything. Sort items into five piles; recycle, keep, donate, sell, and throw away. Use large heavy garbage bags or contractor bags for trash. Be merciless and throw out broken and rusted items. If anything is sentimental to you, take photos for the memories. Have recycle bins accessible, as well as boxes to put donations into. Then, put items you will be keeping into the ‘like with like’ categories, so you can easily place them in their specific storage area. If there are still boxes to unpack and sort, do that now. (I moved recently and made sure that any items I was putting in the very tidy basement in my new home were organized in tightly closed clear plastic containers on shelves, and other things in closed cabinets.)

Thinking of uncluttering the basement? Take your time, follow these steps, and let me know how it goes!

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Easy Things to Part with While De-cluttering

too many shoes         outdated hotel toiletries

It’s easy for some people to let go of items with sentimental value. But, others hold on to items knowing they have no real value. Do you relate to this latter reason?

What are some of your best excuses for holding onto clutter?

• I might need it someday?
• I may read this sometime?
• I could fit into this again?
• Its in good shape to use again?
• It was a gift; I can’t let it go?
• I’m saving it to give as a gift?

Below is a list of some unimportant things to part with.

• Old notes on small pieces of paper
• Old shopping receipts and unneeded invoices
• Recipes cut out from magazines but never used (take digital photos or scan)
• Cookbooks on the shelf that are no longer in use
• Outdated cosmetics and toiletry items
• Old pieces of wrapping paper being saved to use again
• Letters and birthday cards that don’t mean much anymore
• Gifts received and kept due to guilt rather than pleasure
• Scrapbooking supplies that haven’t been used in ages
• Desk clutter; too many pens, paper scraps, highlighters
• Clothing that’s gone out of fashion
• Clothing that doesn’t fit anymore

If you have items that are just taking up space, give yourself the guilt-free incentive to get rid of them.

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Swapping Summer Clothing for Winter Wear

winter jackets

Mid-fall is the time of year that I go through my closet and separate my winter
clothing from my summer clothing. For me, and I’m sure for some of you, knowing when to do this usually is a frustrating time because the temperature fluctuates so much. This is referred to as ‘Indian Summer’ here in New England. It may be 50 degrees in the morning, and by noon time the temperature has reached 70 degrees. Although, this year it’s now October 21st, and the days are not above the mid-50″s and the nights are in the low 40’s and high 30’s.

I’ve already put most of my sleeveless shirts, polo shirts and dresses, plus shorts, bathing suits and summer shoes (which I won’t really need to wear until next year) into a covered plastic storage container for dry basement storage. But, have kept some in my closet and dresser in case we have a glimpse of ‘Indian Summer’ in the next few weeks.

I have pulled out most of my winter clothing; long sleeved shirts & sweatshirts, sweaters, heavier pants, etc. These are available to wear now. Winter coats go in the hall closet. Once the real cold sets in, those few pieces of summer clothing I’d held out, get put into the basement containers.

I recommend that you try this method of ‘seasonal clothing swap’ if your own method is not working well.

NOTE: If you don’t have a dry attic or separate closet to keep the change of season clothing containers, and only have a damp basement space, be sure to store the items in waterproof containers with air tight lids to keep clothing dry.

When and How do you take care of your seasonal wardrobe change?

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Ideas for Extra Office Storage

clear container drawers under desk

Does it seem that your home office or business office has no space left to store things? 

Here are some ideas on how to create extra office storage:

Under your Desk or Table:  If you’ve room under these furniture pieces, keep a small file cabinet on wheels for storing items you don’t use regularly.

Around your Window:  There might be space around and above a window where you can install inexpensive shelves. You could purchase wall shelving and brackets to attach on your own, or hire a professional to create built-in shelving. Storing items up and around the wall will make the room look neater and bigger.

Inside your Closet:   If you have coats or clothing hanging in the closet, add a set of stack-able plastic drawers, or low book shelf for storing office supplies and printer paper under the clothing. Hang a ‘multi-pocketed over-the-door shoe bag’ for storing miscellaneous small items.

On the Wall:  If you have a small bookcase with nothing on the wall above it, add a couple of shelves or hang a cascading letter filer tote on the wall near the desk.

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‘Chaotic Clothe’s Closet’ – Ideas for Organizing

clothes in color order

Is your closet a jumble of clothes that are disorganized on the clothing rods?

Here are some ideas to change a chaotic clothing closet into an organized closet:

Before I made some order out of my clothes in my own closet, I was very frustrated finding something I wanted to wear; particularly if I was in a hurry. Some time ago, I decided to arrange all of my hanging clothing in a color coded fashion. Kind of like a full spectrum rainbow. I put all the black clothing on the right part of the hanging rod. Then the grey’s to the left of the blacks. The next color-by-number sections were the purples and dark blues. Light blue clothing was hung next, followed by reds, oranges, and then whites. The closet looked pretty as a rainbow after it rains, and it still does.

You can also group your clothing by type and then by color within the type. eg: Place all blouses and shirts together and then sort by color order, then the pants in another color grouping, etc…

Or, you can choose to group all types of clothing together regardless of their color. Pants with pants, skirts with skirts, but staggered so you can distinguish between the groups.

You can also sort your closet by garment type. Do this by grouping work clothes, dressy clothes, casual clothes and sports clothes.

Organizing your clothes closet can result in less chaos and an easier time locating your clothes; thus simplifying your life. Just, be sure you stick to one method!

How did you do with your closet organization? Let me know.

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‘Mind Clutter and Meditation’

meditation and clutter

I wanted to create a new blog post, and then remembered that this post which I wrote a year ago, is always relevant and useful:

Did you ever think about how a cluttered home or office, and things outside of ourselves in this overstimulating world, are connected to a cluttered mind?

Is your living environment cluttered with an abundance of stuff that you’d really like to get rid of, but you just can’t take that first step because your mind is triggering feelings like anxiety, overwhelm, shame, or uncertainty?

Are your days filled with busy schedules, work and family demands, to-do lists, and many other distractions such as electronic cell phones, laptops, computers, TV, GPS, on-line games, etc.? Thus cramming your mind with too many things to do, too many thoughts to think, and too many things to listen and respond to?

I get caught in this ‘cluttered mind’ trap too. But, I have found a solution that helps (even if temporarily) calm my thoughts, and relax my mind. Meditation.

Clear Your Clutter, Clear Your Life!

You can attend meditation classes, research the subject on-line or in the library, or join a
meditation group. Or, you can simply take time each day to sit quietly on your own, perhaps listen to soothing music, and choose to let go of your ‘mind clutter’. If you haven’t meditated before, begin by sitting quietly for 15 to 30 seconds, (until you can do so for a longer amount of time). Take some slow deep breaths in and out. Listen to your breathing, listen to the sounds around you, and feel the air on your skin. Even this short amount of time can bring you into the moment, free of ‘mind clutter’.

A friend of mine suggested that I try meditating to the on-line website, ‘Insight Timer’. https://insighttimer.com/     (You can also get it as a free APP). People from all over the world can listen to any of the numerous musical and guided meditations of their choice via this site. Now, every day, (once or twice) I take a few minutes to listen to a four minute guided meditation that focuses on breathing, and being in the moment.

Do you have a meditation practice? If not, I highly recommend you give it a try using any method you find works best for you. My blog readers and I would love to hear how meditating helps you clear your mind.

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