Don’t Delay – Organize your Desk

Disorganized Desk.

Some days I look at my own desk and know it’s time to re-organize the papers and folders that are in disorder. Although this photo is not of my own desk, I still need to put documents into the proper folders at least once a week.

If your desk is a bit cluttered and disorganized, here are some tips to help you get started:

– Begin this process at the beginning of the day when you are energized and not exhausted.
– Remove everything off of the desk. Then clean it.
– Put back the items you use every day, such as the laptop, computer monitor, telephone, lamp, stapler, etc.
– Sort the papers and documents into three stacks; Things to do (active pile), needs filing, needs recycling.
– Sort the active pile by importance priority. Enter notes onto your to-do list or in your calendar.
– Place an in-basket on your desk for incoming papers and new mail.
– Files items that need filing. Label new folders if needed.
– Put items you don’t use everyday into drawers or containers that are easily accessible.

When you’ve organized your desk, think about why you let it get so messy, and how you can keep it neat.

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