What Causes Disorganization?



I work at home a lot on my business paper work, invoices and blog. And, because I have easy access to my computer, I’d been looking at my emails many times during the day. Yesterday, I decided to experiment and looked at my emails in the morning, mid-afternoon, and evening instead of every twenty minutes or so. Wow ! What a time saver! I am going to discipline myself and stick to this new plan in order to be more organized.

Here are some of the most common causes of disorganization:

– Losing things (like keys, eyeglasses)
– Checking email frequently
– Time spent talking on the phone
– Not having a daily/weekly plan

Here are some solutions that save you time, and keep you more organized:

– Use an in-basket for keys, eyeglasses, cell phone, etc…
– Designate short blocks of time to get organized (like 1 hour , once per week)
– Schedule two or three times a day to check email (and don’t look more than that)
– Limit the time you spend talking on the phone (use a kitchen timer & get to the point)

Try putting at least one of these solutions to the test, and you’ll notice that are more organized!

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