Chronic Disorganization

Do you have organizing challenges that affect the quality of your daily life?

Read this blog post to see if you might be challenged by
Chronic Disorganization.

Many people own more possessions than they have room for in their homes or apartments, but it’s much easier for them to get rid of stuff than it is for people who are chronically disorganized (CD). According to the Institute of Challenging Disorganization, ‘People challenged by CD have a past history of disorganization in which their self-help efforts to change have failed; disorganization undermines their current quality of life, and the expectation of future disorganization exists.’

Some characteristics that may be common in CD individuals include:

• Accumulating large quantities of possessions
• Difficulty in letting go of these items
• Frequently losing and misplacing items
• Difficulty managing time
• Having lots of interests and uncompleted projects
• Getting distracted easily

If you identified with a number of these characteristics, you might be challenged with chronic disorganization. To learn more about chronic disorganization, and to get the support of a trained professional in your area, view the website:

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