Five Ways to Simplify Your Life

Here are some excellent tips for simplifying your life:

1. Vehicle

Every time you come home, bring in an armful of stuff from your car. You’ll see that driving in an uncluttered car feels really good!

2. Indoor Clutter

Take three boxes and give them these labels: Donate, Different Room, Trash. Begin in one room and put items that belong in another room in the DIFFERENT ROOM box. Things to be thrown out go in the TRASH box. And put things you don’t need that someone else can benefit from into the DONATE box. Take 15 to 20 minutes each day and return different room items to their appropriate rooms. Once a month, bring the Donate box to a local charity of your choice.

3. Paying Bills

If you are not paying your bills on time, sign up for auto-pay on recurring bills and cancel their paper statements. Put non-recurring bills in one place and pay these bills once a month.

4. Junk Mail

Cancel magazine and catalogue subscriptions via http:/
Cancel junk mail by logging on to http:/

5. Schedules

Schedule the week or month ahead of time in your pocket or digital calendar. Enter your work commitments and don’t forget to schedule in some personal time. List errands and tasks you will do, and list appointments and events you will go to. To keep from getting over-committed, say no to events you really don’t need or want to attend.

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