Save Time by Keeping Your Pantry Organized

So many of us are too busy to take a lot of time to prepare meals, but keeping your pantry organized will help save you preparation time in the kitchen.

Here are some helpful tips:

• Start with a clean pantry

• Sort items into categories like you’d find in a super market (baking supplies, cereals, canned goods, pastas, etc….)

• Put the tallest items at the back of the shelves for easy access.

• Items you use frequently should be placed at eye level.

• Keep loose items such as onions, garlic cloves and potatoes in bins or baskets.

• To save time, keep baking supplies (Flour, sugar, baking soda) together.

• Use mason jars or clear glass containers with tight seals if you buy in bulk. Be sure to label the containers with ‘use by’ date or date of purchase.

Give these tips a try, and you’ll notice that preparing a meal will be faster and more relaxing.

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