Go Green – Re-use Your Shopping Bags

recycled bags

Did you know that it takes one 15 to 20 year old tree to make 700 paper bags? That’s chopping down a lot of trees to provide thousands of grocery stores, gift shops, and large box stores with bags.

To do your part in helping to save the environment and conserve resources, use strong reusable bags instead of paper ones for all of your shopping errands (not only food/grocery items). Bags that are manufactured from natural fibers (substances produced by plants and animals that can be spun into filament, thread or rope and then be woven, knitted, matted or bound) or 100% recyclable material come in all shapes and sizes. Some are even insulated. And, various stores give you a small discount off of your purchase or offer raffle tickets for store gift certificates if you use your own bags.

I have to admit that sometimes I forget to bring my recycled bags to the car or even leave them in the car when I go into a store to do some shopping. I do use some of the paper bags I accumulate for sorting and recycling an organizing client’s stuff, but sometimes these bags just pile up.

So, here are some tips to help you and I go greener by using recycled bags:

• Use two sets of bags that can be alternated between your home and your car.

• Assign one convenient and visible area in the home and car for each set of recycled bags. You could keep the bags on the front car seat for easy access and near your home’s exit door closest to your parking space. NOTE: If you travel as a pedestrian without the use of a car, keep the bags near the exit door you use most.

• If you are out and want to make a spur-of-the-moment purchase, carry a fold-able recycled bag in your purse or attaché case. ChicoBag is an online company whose mission is to help humanity bag the single-use habit. Most of their reusable shopping bags compact into an attached pouch to make them easy to keep in your purse or pocket so you’re never without a reusable bag again. (http://www.chicobag.com/)

• Keep four to five bags grouped together either in one reusable bag, or purchase the reusable bag organizer, the ‘Chalk It Tote Buddy’. It comes with an erasable chalk pen for writing to-do or shopping lists on the outside of the tote. ‘Tote Buddy’s’ help you to declutter and stay organized and can hold ten reusable bags. (http://www.TheToteBuddy.com/)

I’m going to follow my own tips. How about you?

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