Some Things to Get Rid of NOW!

Old books

I’m wondering if any of you are holding on to unnecessary things in your home. You know the stuff that takes up space and creates clutter. Letting go of this stuff will free up space and bring you peace of mind.

Here are some things I recommend you get rid of right now:

You have probably read most of the books on your bookshelves, so keep your favorite ones, and give the unimportant books and ones you know you’ll never read to friends or a local charity.

Office Supplies
Throw out dried-out pens, empty white out bottles, and get rid of other office supplies that you haven’t used in the past year.

Old papers and documents
It’s important to hold on to certain forms and documents, but you can recycle or shred a lot of the hard copies that are duplicates, or that you don’t need any more. Going paperless reduces the amount of paper you need to file, as you can access your bills and statements on-line.

Old Kitchen items
Herbs and spices that are six months to a year old should be tossed, as well as food containers labeled with old expiration dates. Vitamins and supplements also expire, so check the dates and get rid of the old.

Outdated Electronics
Those small gadgets you don’t use such as old key boards, computers, cables and extension cords, etc., take up a lot of space and end up getting very dusty. You know the ones I’m talking about. Look in your drawers, closets, and under the furniture and bring them to your town’s next hazardous waste day, or donate to a charity for reuse.

What unnecessary things are you going to throw, give away, or recycle?

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