Try a Magnet-Free Fridge

Refrigerator magnets

Are there magnets occupying much of the
surfaces of your refrigerator?

A fridge covered in magnets is visual clutter.
There were cat, house, bird and garden magnets,
various vendor magnets, and others adorning my
refrigerator. It looked so messy and cluttered that
I decided to remove a lot of them. The fridge door
you see in the photo to the left, looks so much cleaner
and simpler now. It’s no longer a mumble/jumble of
different sized, types, and colors of magnets.

Here’s a nifty tip for you to try:

Remove all magnets from your fridge and toss them
in a box for two weeks. After that time, you’ll likely
prefer the look of a clutter-free surface, and you may have
forgotten what magnets had been on the fridge. If so,
donate the boxful of magnets to your favorite charity.
Or, if you can’t stand giving them all away, go through
the box and choose five or six of your favorite magnets
and get rid of the rest.

Let me know how many magnets you gave away for other people to enjoy!

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