Some ‘Organizational Tips’ to Help You Take Control of Your Life

  1. Doing your most difficult tasks when you have the most energy will help you focus, and be able to complete tasks more easily, and with less distraction.
  2. Avoid over-scheduling, so you have time to deal with interruptions and other unexpected events.
  3. Clothing you have not worn in more than one year will most likely never be worn. Donate, sell, or throw out these clothes.
  4. Stop your junk mail by contacting the organization For a fee of $35, they will stop your junk mail for five years. And, as a new subscriber, you can choose one of the environmental or community organizations that lists on their website to which they will donate $10 of your payment.
  5. Using clear plastic containers with lids, instead of cardboard boxes for storage, allows you to easily identify the contents and keep items dry. It’s also a good idea to label the containers.

By following these tips, you will feel freer and have more control over your life.

Let me know how it goes!

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