The Junk Drawer – Revisited

About two years ago, I published this post on cleaning out your junk drawer. If you did a clean out then, I’m wondering if you need to check the drawer to see if it is due for another purging.

Just about everyone has a junk drawer in their home. It might be in the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, home office, or bathroom. Even I have one, and intend to clear it again. In fact when I was growing up in New Jersey, my family’s junk drawer was in the kitchen next to the silverware drawer. Our junk drawer contained everything but the kitchen sink. Well, not everything.; only things that fit. If you looked really closely inside, you’d find a flashlight, rubber bands, loose coins, books of matches, a screw driver, a role of masking tape, pens and pencils, paper coin rolls, metal screws, cup hooks, loose pieces of string, a stray bandaid or two, a nail file, faded scraps of paper, keys that didn’t fit any locks, old used AA batteries, dog rabies tags, a broken wrist watch, and much more.

If you have a fair amount of clutter in your home, and just can’t seem to take major action, try organizing just your junk drawer. As this is a small project, it shouldn’t be overwhelming and won’t take too long to do.

First spread some newspaper or put an old tablecloth on a table. Empty the drawer onto the table. Sort the items into three piles.

Pile # 1 – items to keep in the drawer
Pile # 2 – items to move to another place in the house where they belong
Pile # 3 – items to donate.

As you sort, throw out the real junk. Perhaps purchase a drawer divider to organize the items that go back in the drawer. Make a point of following through with the ‘move items to another place’ and ‘donate items’ as soon as possible so you don’t create another junk pile.

Let me know if your junk drawer needed cleaning out again!

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