Stop Before You Buy Today

Cracked Corn

Last Sunday, I went to the Ocean State Job Lot store to purchase bird seed (Just cracked corn) as it was cheaper there than in other locations that sell bird seed. But, before I even came across the bird supply area, I noticed a shelf with really nice leggings that looked warm, comfortable and only $5.00 each. I bought one pair of leggings that were a golden tan color. Across from these leggings were some very nice scarves, so I bought one with a floral pattern that was reminiscent of autumn. Then, I walked into the home décor aisle, and proceeded to pick out one double sized set of winter bed sheets (fitted, flat & two pillow cases), a body pillow, and a large bathroom towel.

Finally, I made it to the bird supply area! Putting four, 5 pound bags of cracked corn and, yes, 6 blocks of suet in the shopping carriage, I headed to the check out register. On the way, I saw an aisle of reading glasses ranging from 100 to 300 vision. Trying on lots of eyeglasses for ten minutes was not lucrative; none looked good on me.

OK ….No more buying for me! I only went inside to get cracked corn! So, I pushed the cart to check out. Lucky for me, the total cost was only $70.00 – not too much financial damage.

But, shoppers beware! Not all stores have such bargains. Whatever stores you enter today – whether clothing, grocery, office or home goods – before buying something, ask yourself if you really need it. If you decide to make a purchase, get rid of two similar items to make room.

I am going to get rid of a large worn out towel, some old leggings, and a couple of raggedy sheets.

Let me know if you buy something, what you decide to get rid of!

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