Duplicate Buying

Popcorn duplicates.

 How many of you go to the grocery store, hardware store, clothing store, etc., and buy an item you think you need, and then get home and find that you already have at least one or two of the same item?

I’ve done this before. I’ll buy a bag of pre-popped popcorn and realize that I already have an unopened bag on the pantry shelf. This could be a good thing, as when I run out of the first bag, I’ll already have more popcorn. The same goes with the soap I buy. I think I need another package of soap and then find I have some at home.

If you do this kind of buying, chances are you are spending money you don’t need to spend, plus the items are taking up space on a shelf that could be used for something else.

Can you identify with this? Do you have a ‘what if I run out’ way of thinking behind buying in quantity? Are you afraid there might be a shortage and you won’t be able to get what you need? Don’t worry, stores are well stocked, plus most items can be purchased via the internet.

Or, ‘do you have so much clutter that you don’t know what you have’ on the shelf or in the closet because things are stocked so tightly, or piled up and covering up stuff underneath. And, once you buy the item you think you need, you find it at home and exclaim “I didn’t realize I already had this!”

To conquer this habit, the next time you are going shopping, take a photo on your phone of the pantry shelf or closet. While at the store, refer to this image and be aware that you already possess the item. Or, to keep track, keep a written/typed inventory of the things you buy regularly, and put a check next to each item you finish or use up. Or, tackle your clutter and let go of excess stuff so you don’t buy duplicates.

Let me know if you buy ‘extras’ and how you control this habit.

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Stop Before You Buy Today

Cracked Corn

Last Sunday, I went to the Ocean State Job Lot store to purchase bird seed (Just cracked corn) as it was cheaper there than in other locations that sell bird seed. But, before I even came across the bird supply area, I noticed a shelf with really nice leggings that looked warm, comfortable and only $5.00 each. I bought one pair of leggings that were a golden tan color. Across from these leggings were some very nice scarves, so I bought one with a floral pattern that was reminiscent of autumn. Then, I walked into the home décor aisle, and proceeded to pick out one double sized set of winter bed sheets (fitted, flat & two pillow cases), a body pillow, and a large bathroom towel.

Finally, I made it to the bird supply area! Putting four, 5 pound bags of cracked corn and, yes, 6 blocks of suet in the shopping carriage, I headed to the check out register. On the way, I saw an aisle of reading glasses ranging from 100 to 300 vision. Trying on lots of eyeglasses for ten minutes was not lucrative; none looked good on me.

OK ….No more buying for me! I only went inside to get cracked corn! So, I pushed the cart to check out. Lucky for me, the total cost was only $70.00 – not too much financial damage.

But, shoppers beware! Not all stores have such bargains. Whatever stores you enter today – whether clothing, grocery, office or home goods – before buying something, ask yourself if you really need it. If you decide to make a purchase, get rid of two similar items to make room.

I am going to get rid of a large worn out towel, some old leggings, and a couple of raggedy sheets.

Let me know if you buy something, what you decide to get rid of!