Ten Questions to Assist You With Letting Go of Stuff

Cluttered attic




Are you having trouble uncluttering? Answering the following
ten questions will help you know what to keep and what to let go of:

1. Do I use this item regularly?

2. If not, do I love the item?

3. Am I keeping this because I think I should love it?

4. Do I feel obligated to hold on to it?

5. If I let go of it, will it really hurt someone else feelings?

6. Am I holding on to this item because someday I will repair it?

7. Am I saving this ‘just in case’ I may need or use it some day?

8. Do I have extras (I never use) of the same thing?

9. Can I use another item that will work just as well?

10. Can I store something more useful in this space?

If, when answering these questions you found that you don’t like, will never use, will never repair, or feel guilty letting go of something, you’ll know that the item doesn’t mean that much to you. And, that it’s time to get rid of it, or give it away.



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