BE CLUTTER FREE Indoors and Outdoors!

Cluttered table              tidy table

I published this blog post about two years ago, but still find it relevant for those of you who have both  homes with gardens, or apartments with access to the yard. The end of April and during early May are excellent times to clean up and get your garden in order, as well as inside your home, garage, or storage shed.

So many of us are burdened by a disorganized home plus an untidy garden. By clearing the clutter and beautifying these spaces, you’ll feel less stressed and freer; leaving more time for the things that truly matter.

Over grown shrubs             Garden after pruning & clean up

To achieve these goals:

• Take an assessment of your home and garden needs
• Create an action plan
• Carry out the action plan indoors and outdoors
• Hire side-by-side coaching by a Professional Organizer (if needed)
• Hire a Professional Gardener to provide on-site instruction (if needed)
• Come up with organizational systems that are easy to implement and use

By clearing the clutter indoors and outdoors you will realize the connection between a cluttered environment and a cluttered life. The systems you’ve implemented can be used in the future. Your end result will be a serene home and a peaceful garden, with you feeling more calm, much freer, and more in control of your life

Are you ready to do an assessment and create your action plan? Go for it!  And, let me know what you accomplish.

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