Less is more? Well let’s find out!

Alana is taking awesome steps to clear her life of clutter, open up her too busy schedule, and give herself the time to connect with her friends and nature. Her blog is an excellent source of inspiration for those of you who have similar issues that are cluttering up your life. Judy, http:/ClutterClearerCoach.com/

La Minim

(The desk I wish I had)

This, that & thingy-ma-bobs.

I’ve always had so much stuff. You name it I have it. From books, to clothes, to excessive amounts of cat trinkets I received as a kid. Trust me, I’ve got it.

The worst part? I’m even worse at organising all this stuff I own. I know it’s fashionable at my age to be ‘eclectic’ regarding one’s tidiness, but sometimes my ‘eclectic’ bedroom drifts into apocalyptic…oh dear (sorry parents).

You’d think having literally everything at the tip of your fingertips is a good, but I’m not so sure. I’ve conned myself into holding on to things that may ‘one day’ be useful or would be such a shame to throw out. Well, if that’s the case, why on earth do I still have a yr 10 maths textbook when I’m a third year university student? God only knows.

It’s not even just…

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  1. Thanks for reflagging this! 🙂

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