Organize Your Manuals and User Guides

user manuals and guides

Are your product manuals stored in various places around your home, thus making it time consuming and difficult to find one if you need it?

I used to keep manuals in drawers in the kitchen, in my study, and in the attic. If I had a problem with an appliance or an electronic gadget, I wasted time trying to find the correct manual. I eventually put all of these documents into one folder in a drawer in my study.

Here are THREE TIPS on  how to keep track of those manuals and guides:

TIP # 1 – Keep all your manuals in one place (in a binder or file drawer). To find them easily, file your manuals in categories such as appliances, electronics, computers, or furniture. Every time you add a new manual, go through and recycle the outdated ones. If you move, be sure to leave the manuals for any kitchen appliances, washer/dryer, garage doors, and anything else you don’t take with you.

TIP # 2 – Create a spreadsheet that lists all of your appliances and electronic items; including make, model, purchase date and serial number.

TIP # 3 – Once you’ve created the spreadsheet, you can recycle all of your manuals. But before before recycling, click on - to see if all of your gadgets and appliances are listed there with care and repair needs, plus directions. This site keeps the most frequently requested information on home appliances up to date.

Organizing your guides and manuals in one place, with easy access, simplifies things for when you need to retrieve one.

I’d love to know if these documents are already filed in a convenient location, or which of the 3 TIPS you will use to get them in order.

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