CLASS: ‘Organizing 101 – How to Organize Your Space, Time, and Life’

cluttered table

Need some help organizing various aspects of your life?  Then take this adult education class I will be teaching at Brookline High School:

Effective organization involves all aspects of your life. Through an exploration of the principles of organization, this class will help you organize a cluttered space, arrange your time for efficiency, and keep your everyday life structured. Through a focused presentation and discussion, you will explore with Professional Organizer, Judy Eisenberg of Clutter Clearer Coach, how to address these challenges so you can take steps to get your space, time, and life organized and on track.

Th 7:00-8:30PM – October 5, 2017 – $28

Brookline High School
115 Greenough Street, Brookline
[email protected] 617-730-2700

If you live in the Boston area, and would like a FREE 1/2 hour telephone consultation to discuss your clutter issues, contact me at [email protected]

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