Seven Days of Organizing TIPS – Day # 7 – ‘Round-up Your Pens and Pencils’

DAY # 7 – TIP # 7

‘Round-up Your Pens and Pencils’

I bet you have at least one drawer, box or pen/pencil container that is filled to the brim. I did! Gather all these pens and pencils and separate them into two piles.

If the pens don’t write, throw them out. There will probably be pens that still write that you never use, or don’t like, so give them away to a local charity. And, if you have extra pen cartridges, and don’t know what pens they go to, get rid of them, or they’ll remain as clutter.

Sharpen all decent pencils. Toss all pencil stubs. If you’ve got any mechanical pencils, check them to see if they contain lead; if not refill them. You may have used them extensively so that the erasers on top are worn flat. If so, you can get rid of the ‘dead’ eraser one’s.

And, then there’s your magic markers! (they constitute a third pile to sort through) Test them also, and if the points are dried up or if the markings are too pale, throw them away.

Keep pencils in one container and pens & markers in another. Label each container so you don’t mix them up. 

If you have too many pens, pencils and markers, let me know how the sorting, purging, and paring down goes.  You’ll feel  better when you keep only the ones you need.

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