Car Seat Clutter Control

car seat bag
I try to stay on top of keeping my car seats and floors uncluttered. I’m not always successful though. I have a small car and my gardening business lawn bags, two wheeled dolly, and a few other garden supplies that don’t fit in the trunk of the car, make their home on the back seat floor (a fairly narrow area). Other non garden related stuff sometimes hangs out in the front passenger seat, and when I have a real passenger, I move this stuff to the back, and if not, I distribute the stuff where it belongs.

Do you have to do this too? I’m going to follow my own tips that I list in this post. I hope you do too!

Tips for keeping car seats un-cluttered:

• Purchase a car seat organizer to store the clutter crowding the passenger seat of your car. There’s the ‘Mobile Office’ from the Container Store ( ), the ‘High Road SwingAway XL’ car seat organizer which can swivel from front seat to back. ( ) Target stores also carry car seat organizers. These organizers are great for holding cell phones, tissues, water bottles, maps, snacks, music CD’s, and there’s even a place to put file folders. I bought one, and it’s hanging over the head rest for the passenger seat (see photo).

• Plastic storage containers can be placed in the trunk or under a seat to hold items like umbrellas, rain ponchos, tissues or water bottles.

• Children’s toys and games can get strewn all over the back seat. Keep these playthings in a covered plastic container that can be placed either on the floor or in the middle of the back seat.

• Put a travel sized waste can or basket in the car so there will be a place other than the floor to put trash.

• In case of emergencies always keep a pair of jumper cables, a flashlight, ice scraper, small shovel, bag of sand, non-perishable snacks, bottled water, and a first aid kit in the car or trunk.

What does the inside of your car look like?  Or, your bike basket if you don’t have a vehicle?

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