Organizing: Some Storage Space Suggestions

Does it seem that your home office or business office has no space left to store things? Here are some ideas on how to take advantage of other unique organizational storage spaces.

Under your Desk or Table: If you’ve room under these furniture pieces, keep a small file cabinet on wheels for storing items you don’t use regularly.  Or like myself, I use a sturdy wire mesh cart on wheels, (about the size of a plastic milk bin) that I can slide out easily from under my desk to retrieve file folders when I need themhanging shoe holder.

Around your Window: There might be space next to and above a window where you can install inexpensive shelves. You could purchase wall shelving and brackets to attach on your own, or hire a professional to create built-in shelving. Storing items up and around the window will make the room look neater and bigger.

Inside your Office Closet: If you are using the office closet for supplies, add a two drawer file cabinet, or low book shelf for extra storage. Hang a ‘multi-pocketed over-the-door shoe holder’ for storing small office supplies. I have one of these ‘over the door shoe holders’ that actually holds winter hats and gloves.

On the Wall: If you have a small bookcase with nothing on the wall above it, add a couple of shelves, and/or hang a cascading letter filer tote on the wall near the desk. These cascading totes are great because you can snap them closed and carry them wherever you go, as they have a handle on top. They come in really handy!

Portable file tote snapped closed    cascading organizing file holder

Do you have other space saver ideas to use for getting the office organized?  I’d love to know!

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