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Make your life easier by MAKING LISTS

If you have ADD, ADHD, Chronic Disorganization, a busy lifestyle, or lots of tasks to take care of with very little time, it is a good idea to make lists. Writing is a useful way to spell out what’s on your mind, process information and help you to remember things. Lists can be made via either the written word or digitally.

Lists help you:
– To express your ideas.
– To record various items for a topic.
– To remember things better (like taking notes in a class).
– To be less anxious to forget what needs to be done.
– To slow down your thoughts, and get your ideas recorded.
– Give you a feeling of satisfaction when you can cross off a completed item.

Be sure to make your list easy to follow. Prioritize what needs to be done and in what order. Add important information such as who you are going to see, their phone numbers and addresses. Don’t make the list too long. Write clearly or type your list.

Now, how does it feel to cross something off of YOUR LIST?

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