Do You Have Too Many Books?

[Too Many Books How Many Books Do You Have?

Last year, one of my organizing clients owned way too many books. We sorted through his book shelves, and he donated three quarters of the books to charity. He felt a lot lighter having let go of all these books!

I don’t think I ever had a lot of books of my own. I used local libraries, borrowed books from friends, and bought them from yard sales. However, I gave away most of my books over the years. I do have some gardening and organizing books for both of my businesses. So, I keep these on two book shelves for inspiration.

TIPS – Giving & Getting Books during the Pandemic:

Meanwhile, due to the Pandemic, I now get my books at the Little Free Library book exchange boxes in Somerville. (Very carefully, using gloves and antiseptic wipes.)

Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization inspiring love of reading, and community building. The book-sharing boxes are available 24/7.

Above all, download e-books and audio-books to your electronic devices. You can also order virtual books to view on Kindle via any local city library.

Do you love books but have too many? Are they crowding bookshelves, cluttering chairs or couches, or piled on the floor? I’m sure that some of the books you’ve collected over the years mean a lot to you. But most likely many of them are just gathering dust.

Why not share your wealth and give some away! For example, set aside time every week to sort through  one bookshelf, or a just a pile of books. If you bought it a while back and haven’t read it, maybe it’s time to let it go. Fill boxes with the books you no longer love, want, or need. Then, share the joy of reading by donating them to ‘More than Words’.

‘More than Words’ located in Waltham, MA, is a nonprofit social enterprise that empowers youth. The youth are in the foster care system, court involved, homeless, or out of school. Most importantly, they learn to take charge of their lives by managing the online and retail bookstore and cafe.

Check out –  Due to the Pandemic, their bookstore is closed. Bring unwanted books to one of their donation containers or leave outside one of their facilities. Every donation and every purchase supports their mission to empower youth!

Meanwhile, I’d love to know how many books you’ve got. And how you let go and distribute them.

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