Spring Cleaning and Organizing

spring cleaning and organizing using non toxic cleaning products. Spring cleaning and organizing using non toxic cleaning products.

Spring is here! It’s time for spring cleaning and organizing. Get rid of items you no longer use or need, and re-purpose things you already have.

Below are some spring cleaning and organizing tips I recommend to help you get started:

1.  Thoroughly clean one room each week. Beginning now! Vacuum, dust, rearrange furniture and purge. In addition, organize the stuff in each room.

2.  Sort through one shelf, drawer, box, cabinet and bin at a time. But, keep it simple, so you do not get overwhelmed.  For example, de-clutter and organize your kitchen utensil drawer.

messy kitchen drawer      Organizd kitchen drawer

3.   Practice the age old expression: ‘When in doubt, throw it out’.  If you don’t love, need, use, or want an item throw it out! Or, give it away, or recycle it.

4.  Refrain from spending money. Be creative and re-purpose the containers you already have! Look around and you will most likely find empty boxes, canvas shopping bags, or plastic containers for storage.

5.   Take a few minutes before work or after work to recycle plastics, wash a counter, sweep the kitchen floor. Consequently, life will be easier if you take on these tasks each day.

6.  Don’t worry about following someone else’s system for spring cleaning and organizing. Use the system that works for you. However, my way may be different from yours, so do what works for you.

7.  And, make a promise to yourself to not procrastinate. Get it done! For instance, I’m a big procrastinator, but when I get a household task or organizing project accomplished, I feel great!

In conclusion, look around your home or apartment – what can you use in a different way?

And, do you have any TIPS for spring cleaning and organizing that work for you? I’d love to hear about them.


Real Simple magazine has lots of tips on spring cleaning and organizing!


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