Seven Days of Organizing TIPS – Day # 2 Purge Your Pocketbook Periodically

DAY # 2 – TIP # 2

Cluttered Pocketbook

Purge Your Pocketbook Periodically 

Is your pocket book so full of stuff that it’s hard to locate an item quickly?  When searching through your purse, do you frequently ask yourself; Where are my keys?  I thought I’d put my to-do list in here. Where’s my credit card?

If so, then it’s time to purge the stuff inside your purse! Dump everything out, and recycle expired coupons, old receipts, scraps of paper. Put an envelope in your bag for current coupons and receipts. Throw out used tissues. Then, add a small zippered pouch or zip-top bag to hold personal items like lip balm, lipstick, hand lotion, a comb, clean tissues, and hand sanitizer. But, not duplicates of these things, as they will crowd your purse. (replace any of these items that are out-dated) Keep your keys in one safe location, and your credit cards and money in another.

Or, get yourself a pocketbook that has different sections that zip up. I love my pocket book because it has separate zipped sections for my keys, my ID cards, my cash and change, a slot for my iPhone, and a snapped section for my travel sized hand lotion and tissues, chewing gum, Band-aids, and small comb. And remember, after you use something from your purse, put it back in the section it belongs.

Purging your pocketbook periodically and keeping it organized, eases up on frustration and saves you time.

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Do You Have a Clutter Problem?


You know you have a problem with clutter when:

– It’s hard to part with items and clothing that you don’t use
– Your closets are filled to the brim and overflowing
– Stacks of newspapers and magazines are piled sky high
– You are embarrassed or ashamed to invite people over
– Your stuff is hindering your ability to function
– Your clutter controls you

You’d like to get organized without any help but:

– You just don’t know where to begin
– Anxiety, shame, fear, procrastination are some of your road blocks
– You may not be at the stage where you are ready to let go.

If you are ready; some tips for you to get organized on your own:

This process can be anxiety provoking, so TAKE BABY STEPS
Select one specific area you would like to un-clutter in your home or office such as the surface of a coffee table, or the top of the file cabinet. Take the items off that surface and sort them into five separate piles. Categorize the piles as: recycle, throw away, give away, charity, keep. Label five grocery sized bags, or plastic kitchen trash bags with the titles: RECYCLE, THROW AWAY, GIVE AWAY, CHARITY, KEEP. Then ask yourself:

Do I need this? Do I love this? Will I really use this? Am I willing to recycle it, throw or give it away?

As you make your decisions, put each item into the appropriate bag, and then distribute the items to their appropriate place. Be sure to reward yourself for taking these baby steps!

Continuing the organizing process:

If this process was doable and not anxiety provoking, keep choosing small areas in your home or office and repeat the steps until you have cleaned up the clutter. If it is difficult for you to even take the first step, think about contacting a Professional Organizer to help you let go and get organized.

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