Tips for At Home Organizing This Fall


Do you wait until it’s too late to clean your winter coats for use, do your last minute holiday shopping and check to see if your ice scraper and snow shovels from last winter are in usable shape? To avoid a stressful fall/winter holiday season follow these ten tips:

1. Get your winter coats and jackets cleaned before it gets too cold out.
2. Choose a convenient location for winter accessories. Put a container or basket near the entrance door for placement of scarves, hats and gloves for easy accessibility.
3. Prepare for cold nights. Get out those knit or flannel sheets so they’ll be available to make up your bed, and place an extra blanket at the foot of the bed.
4. Have the furnace/heater checked and cleaned so you won’t be huddling under the blankets while you read or watch TV.
5. Be safe and not sorry. Be sure the fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working.
6. Clear the chimney flu. Or, light the pilot on your gas fireplace for a pleasant night in front of the fireplace.
7. Fall clutter clearing. Un-clutter and organize the entry ways and closets of items you won’t be using during the winter.
8. Begin writing to-do lists for the holidays. Gifts to buy, mailing lists for greeting cards, and anything else you need to do to prepare yourself ahead of time to avoid last minute holiday stress.
9. Make decisions about unused holiday decorations. Either throw away or donate unused decor so it doesn’t take up valuable space in the home.
10. Snow removal equipment. Get out the ice scrapers and snow shovels, and put them in a place convenient for first snow and ice removal. If old and no longer usable, purchase new ones.

Take care of all or just some of these tasks and you’ll have a more relaxed fall!

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