‘Waste Not, Want Not’ – Let Go for the New Year



‘Waste not, want not’ – In British English, this saying was said to ​advise someone not to waste anything, because they might need it in the ​future. Does this saying sound familiar to you? In the future, will you really need and use all of the things you’ve saved?

How about – ‘Waste not, want not’ but you won’t be able to get into the attic. (Anonymous)

One of your New Year’s resolutions could be: ‘Waste not, but keep only the things you will really use!’

What do you hold on to that you think you might need someday?

– A magazine from 2001 with an article about one’s need for calcium? 2015 medical and scientific studies most likely have updated information.
– A scrap of paper that has the address of someone you had a falling out with, and know you’ll never be in touch with again? Recycle this useless paper scrap.
– A tape cassette you recorded 15 years ago but didn’t label? Either throw it out, or listen to it to determine if the music or text on the tape is still relevant. If not, then toss it.
– A gift you do not like that someone from the last place you worked gave you? Who you know will never come to your home, and will not see again? Give the gift away to charity.

Think about the reasons and emotions behind your need to continue to hold on to this stuff. If the item is truly nostalgic and from someone close to you that has died, perhaps keeping it is worthwhile. Otherwise, make that New Year’s resolution to let go. Get help from a therapist or professional organizer if you struggle with these decisions. Letting go of old clutter will give you peace of mind, more control over your life, and easy access to the things you truly need and use.

Will ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ be your motto for 2016?  Or will your new motto be: ‘Let Go for the New Year’.  I’d love to hear from you about your 2016 Getting Rid of Clutter resolutions.


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