Organizing Your Messy Desk

messy desk
Client’s Messy Desk!

Like most people these days, my schedule is overflowing and time is of the essence. There are days when I don’t put documents back in their proper folders, or put the work binder notebooks back on the shelf. With two businesses to manage, my volunteer outreach tasks, and other office related things to take care of, my desk can get quite messy. I am going to follow the advice I give below, and keep my desk uncluttered. I don’t need to take everything off the desk or clean it, but I will sort and file and put things away. My plan is to do this at least once a week.

If your desk is a bit cluttered and disorganized, and you haven’t cleared it in a while, here are some tips to help you get started:

– Begin this process at the beginning of the day when you are energized and not exhausted.

–  Remove everything off of the desk. Then clean it.

–  Put back the items you use every day, such as the laptop, computer monitor, telephone, lamp, stapler, container of pens, etc.

–  Sort the papers and documents into three stacks; things to do soon (active pile), needs shredding, needs recycling.

–   Create ‘Active’ folders for the different topics and label them as Phone calls, RSVP, To File, Bills to Pay, To Order, Pending, and Projects. File the papers appropriately, and put them in a desk top ‘step style’ file holder.

–   Enter notes onto your to-do list or in your calendar.

–   Place in-baskets/containers on, or near your desk for incoming mail or papers, and outgoing mail.

–   Files items that need filing. Label new folders if needed.

–   Put office related items you don’t use everyday into drawers or containers that are easily accessible.

When you’ve organized your desk, think about why you let it get so messy, and how you can keep it neat.  And, let me know how it goes.

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