Seven Days of Organizing Tips – Day # 2


vase memorabilia on shelf

DAY # 2 – TIP # 2

Reduce Knickknack Clutter

Like me, you most likely have at least one shelf that’s full of knickknacks or memorabilia.

Proclaim that shelf to be knickknack free. Remove all collectibles, trinkets, picture frames, etc. Put these items into storage for a while, or sort through the stuff and make some decisions. These decisions might be painful or difficult to make because you might think ‘these things have feelings’, or you might think that ‘you are what you own’, or if you get rid of anything ‘you will lose a part of yourself’. In reality, these notions are not true. You are you and things are things; even if it doesn’t feel this way at first. So, ask friends or family if they want any of these items, give some to charity for others to enjoy, or throw out if in bad shape. You will still be you once you do this.

Then, dust or polish the shelf until it shines. Add one small vase of flowers, or a small house plant. Don’t put anything else on this surface for 17 days.

You’ll be amazed at the peace you feel with that nearly empty space.

Once the 17 days are up, if you’d like, allow yourself to put back only 1/4 of the things you originally had on the shelf. Perhaps, every couple of months, you can switch the items on the shelf for some of the stored memorabilia. This way, you’ll get to see and enjoy other items from storage instead of not knowing what’s there because it’s so cluttered.

So, what knickknacks have you put in storage? And, what ones will you put back on the shelves in a couple of months?

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