Seven Days of Organizing TIPS – Day # 1


DAY # 1 – TIP # 1

Shred Sensitive Papers

Papers are constantly coming into your home. You need to make sure they’re leaving your home at the same rate. Invest in a sturdy home shredder, so you can quickly and safely dispose of papers and mail that contains sensitive information, such as credit card offers and bank statements. You’ll feel more at ease when these types of documents are not sitting around for anyone to access. During tax time, it’s important to rid yourself of any personal documents that you no longer need to keep. If you’d like to know how long to keep personal financial documents, you can find out by clicking on either of these links:  (record keeping), or –

During the past two weeks, I purged my home office, and took the personal documents I no longer needed to be shredded at Staples. During March, the Staples, at least at Fresh Pond Shopping mall, is charging only 79 cents per pound to safely shred paper. Staples has locked bins in their stores that the Iron Mountain shredding company takes to shred in confidence.

I’d love to know how many bags full of paper you shredded with your own shredder, or took to be shredded safely elsewhere. And, how helpful were the website links?


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