Seven Days of Organizing TIPS – Day # 4

Shabby Towels

DAY # 4 – TIP # 4

Shabby Towels

Do some of your towels look like something the cat dragged in?

I have had some pretty ratty looking towels; kitchen & bathroom ones. Sometimes, I use them until their terry cloth is somewhat worn. And, then it’s time to use them for other purposes; like for dusting the furniture, to clean up spills on the floor, or to line the cat carrier interior for comfortable trips to the vet for my cat.

Do you have towels that have seen better days? If so, search the house/apartment for them, and reuse for other purposes like I do.

Or, fill a box and deliver it to your local animal shelter to provide comfy resting spots for furry friends. Whenever you purchase new towels, donate an equal amount of old ones. You can also donate the old towels to be used as rags to your local Good Will type organizations.

Can you think of some other uses for old, worn towels? Email me and let me know what else you use them for.


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